Below you can find slides of a selection of talks I gave.
  • Firefighting on Trees Beyond Integrality Gaps [part 1 (firefighting): pdf, part 2 (rmfc) pdf]
  • k-Trails: Recognition, Complexity, and Approximations [pdf]
  • Online Contention Resolution Schemes [pdf]
  • An O(1)-Approximation for Minimum Spanning Tree Interdiction [pdf]
  • Mit kombinatorischer Optimierung zur Nadel im Heuhaufen [pdf]
  • Some Recent Applications of Algorithmic Matroid Theory [part 1: pdf, part 2: pdf]
  • A Simple O(loglog(rank))-Competitive Algorithm for the Matroid Secretary Problem [pdf]
  • Analyzing Network Robustness via Interdiction Problems [pdf]
  • Multi-Budgeted Matchings via the Ham Sandwich Theorem [pdf]
  • The Matroid Secretary Problem: Free Order Model and Laminar Case [pdf]
  • From Wireless Network Coding to Matroids [pdf]
  • Matroids and Integrality Gaps for Hypergraphic Steiner Tree Relaxations [pdf]
  • Matroidal Degree-Bounded Minimum Spanning Trees [pdf]
  • Submodular Function Maximization via the Multilinear Relaxation and Contention Resolution Schemes [pdf, short version: pdf]
  • Dependent Randomized Rounding via Exchange Properties of Combinatorial Structures [pdf]
  • Approximation Schemes for Multi-Budgeted Independence Systems [pdf]
  • Dependent Randomized Rounding on the Spanning Tree Polytope with Applications in Multi-Objective Optimization [pdf]
  • A Flow Model Based on Polylinking Systems [pdf]
  • A Simple Proof for a Characterization of Sign-Central Matrices using Linear Duality [pdf]
  • Network Flow Interdiction on Planar Graphs [pdf]
  • Monte-Carlo Estimation of s-t Reliability in Acyclic Networks [pdf]
  • A Bound on the Collection of Edges in MST's of Fixed-Sized Subgraphs [pdf]
  • Complex Networks - an Overview [pdf]
  • Large scale stereo reconstruction by a minimum s-t cut formulation [pdf]