Or launch the application through Java Web Start:

A few words about the tool

The tableau can be read as follows. The example you get when reloading the page corresponds to the LP with constraints x2 + x0 = 1, x3 + x1 = 1, x4 + x0 + x1 = 1.5, non-negativity constraints for all xi, and the objective is to maximize x0 + 2x1. The objective can be read as the other lines as obj - x0 - 2x1 = 0. To give an optical hint of how to read the tableau, the vertical bold line can be seen as the place where we have the equality sign in the tableau. Analogously, the horizontal bold line indicates the place of the equality sign when reading the tableau as a dual-tableau.

A pivot on a given element can be performed by clicking on the corresponding cell or pressing enter when the cell is selected. A variable (basic or non-basic) can be deleted by right-clicking on it. Numbers in the tableau as well as names of variables can be changed by selecting the corresponding cell and starting to type.